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Staff Application

Post by reksten on Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:44 pm

Must be, or sound atleast 13 years of age: I am 14.

Must follow and enforce the server rules: I allways follow server rules, I know how it's like when people break rules cause I have some experience with rule breakers.

I will play on the GMod server/s for at least 12 hours/week: I am not sure if I will but I'l try my best and I'm probably play for 12 hours a week.

Members of the community you know: oojamaflip and MisterMelon

Have a clear working microphone: I do not have a microphone, but I do type quickly so I don't see it being a problem that I don't have a microphone.

Will never misuse any administration permissions. Acknowledge that your admin will be stripped for misconduct: I would never misuse the permissions cause I don't like to abuse or misuse permissions I get as staff.

I will never undermine/overrule other Admins: I would never do such a thing, I treat everyone with respect.

Your ingame name: [UnitedPlayers] reksten

Your Steam ID or Steam Community Profile Page:STEAM_0:1:85894086

Why do you want to be an admin for MelonRP? To help the server grow and kep rule breakers off it, and the server is a nice server so I want to help it.

What past experience do you have with using ULX? I do I have been staff on some other server. And I do know useful commands.


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